Sales Memo
December 12, 2014
.85 until 2015

Once again, Tim has given you the chance to put more money in your pocket. So let’s take full advantage of it and sell, sell, sell!

All orders written between Monday Dec 15, 2014 and Sunday January 4, 2015 can be sold up to 15% below book price without taking underage on the order.

Please, also remember not to sell below .7 (30%) and that
you can only take the overage on your order if it is above book price, not the special “.85 price”. This CANNOT be applied to special prices, Proline, 60 day billing or to pay for the customer’s freight.

Please print this and pass it on to your staff.

Questions, call Larry @ ex 1107 or John @ ex 1161

Happy Selling,

Larry Lawrence

Director / Data Processes
Ace Industrial Supply